Woman at the Well

Like Jesus did with the Woman at the Well, we can use water to deliver a spiritual message.

Clean Water, the gift of life

Clean water . . . something we take for granted in the United States. Without clean water, communities suffer from typhoid fever, hepatitis, amoebic and bacillary dysenteries, giardiasis, and other gastrointestinal infections.

Living in Faith is installing water purification systems in Cuba and Haiti. These systems are installed in Churches and other Christian sites. This creates a unique evangelistic opportunity. People in the community come to the Church for clean water, where they can also receive the Love of Christ.

What We Do

Living in Faith matches sponsors in the United States with locations where systems are needed (churches, youth camps, seminaries, retreat centers, health care facilities).

  • Before each system is installed a bacterial analysis is completed to determine the need.

  • The in-country partner church agrees to oversee and operate this simply-maintained system, and to provide water to anyone in the community that has a need.

  • Equipment is sent from the United States and other supplies are purchased in-country.

  • We provide a technical team to install the system. We also train local people in the proper use and maintenance of the system.

If you would like to sponsor all or part of a water purification system, please visit our donations page. Your donation makes possible a continuous flow of clean drinking water. This water gives life!