Our Locations

Through Living in Faith, humanitarian assistance sets the foundation for a spiritual experience. We are non-denominational and go to "off limits" places in "hard to reach" cultures.

God made Cuba and the United States neighbors

You really have to experience Cuba to understand the explosive growth of Christianity there. Living in Faith has been blessed to participate in, and hasten, that growth as God has expanded our ministry in Cuba.

Haiti . . . a land in need

Our ministry in Haiti has an emphasis on our Vision for Christ project. Living in Faith has been able to assist thousands of Haitians with the gift of better vision. It is such a wonder for people who have never been able to see clearly to now be able to see God's creation or read the word of God.

Our Mission Trips

Mission trips provide great opportunnities to give so much to our brothers and sisters in Christ, and make a major contribution to local evangelical activities.

You can help expand God's kingdom by participating on a mission trip! Most everyone who has been on one of the mission trips has learned, you will receive far more than you give.