Sharing Christ

Christ is already at work in Cuba and Haiti. Many churches have been established and the Christian community is growing.

Spiritual Healing and Renewal

Living in Faith seeks to provide discipleship programs that are adapted to be culturally relevant, and teach the skills that allow the local churches to help themselves to become living, growing churches.

Living in Faith has a full-time program facilitator in Cuba, and is developing programs through mission trips in Haiti. It is essential to train local people to become able facilitators. These facilitators provide local encouragement and ministry

Much like Christ used tools like the fish and loaves to feed 5,000 as he began ministering, Living in Faith uses interdenominational, well-established, and internationally accepted programs as its discipleship tools

What We Do

Living in Faith focuses on two discipleship programs.

Walk to Emmaus

The Walk to Emmaus program provides:

  • A short course on Christianity

  • An opportunity to re-evaluate one's priorities in life

  • A way to build Christian leadership

Ancient Paths

The Ancient Paths (Program) focuses on:

  • Building a better relationship with God

  • Healing personal relationships

  • Changing personal thought and attitude

  • Providing a path for a Christian walk in life

These countries are isolated geographically, economically, and politically and lack the resources to create real discipleship - the teaching and application of Christian values resulting in an enriched spiritual life. The churches in these countries cannot afford these programs on their own. Therefore, it is essential to provide these churches with the tools and programs that lead to self-sustaining discipleship.